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Green Melody on Development Road of Conch

Time:06 July 2019 Viewed:

  On July 1, 2019, Shanghai launched the “strictest waste classification measures in history”, which attracted global attention. Speaking of this topic, we have to mention Conch Group.

  As early as 2010, Tongling Conch affiliated to Conch Group began to use its cement kiln for disposal of municipal solid waste to realize the local harmless and resource-based treatment of municipal solid waste. Every year about 200 thousand tons of municipal solid waste were "eaten and squeezed" by the cement kiln of Tongling Conch, which not only solved the problem of municipal solid waste treatment, but also enabled the enterprise to become an indispensable part of Tongling's circular economy development and civilized city construction. In addition to Tongling, Conch Group has built 26 cement kiln projects for disposal of municipal solid waste in Guiding, Yiyang, Chongqing and Pingliang in order to promote the local transformation and upgrading of green economy.



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