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Anhui Conch Group ‘key’ to green transition and development

Time:11 April 2023

  Recently, the 2023 Carbon Peak Carbon Neutral Green Development Forum was held in Beijing. He Chengfa, deputy general manager of Anhui Conch Group, was invited to participate in the forum and addressed a speech. By sharing the group’s latest achievements and experience, the speech elaborated on the technical path and future target of Anhui Conch Group in carbon emission reduction.

  Guided by 1+N policies for peaking carbon emissions and achieving carbon neutrality, Anhui Conch Group has formulated action plans, increased technological research and development, and formed a batch of mature carbon reduction technologies in terms of resource utilization of carbon dioxide, the substitution of fuel materials, and improvement of comprehensive energy efficiency. It has built a cement kiln flue gas carbon capture and purification demonstration project, a dry ice production line and a smart agricultural greenhouse project, which is the first in the industry to achieve the capture and resource utilization of CO2. The Group has continuously transformed and upgraded the traditional cement industry, cultivated and expanded green emerging industries and improved the overall green and low-carbon development level of the industrial chain. It has promoted 108 environmental protection projects in 22 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China, becoming air purifiers in the city.



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