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Anhui Conch Group —— The cement manufacturing company plants tomatoes in Wuhu

Time:17 March 2023

  Anhui Conch Group has engaged in the intelligent agriculture field in response to the goals of reaching peak carbon emissions and carbon neutrality. In order to develop industrial tomatoes, the company build a high-tech intelligent agricultural greenhouse, located in the Baima cement plant, a Southern suburb of Wuhu city, Anhui Province.

  The intelligent agricultural project explores the feasibility of using carbon dioxide in agricultural technology. Carbon dioxide as plant gas fertilizer will promote plant photosynthesis by collecting the gas from the CO2 capture and purification demonstration line of cement kilns. And meanwhile, the waste heat from cement production can provide a stable temperature for plant growth. The whole process will increase crop yield and achieve resource reuse.

  The intelligent greenhouse covers an area of about 4465 square meters. It is covered with ultra-white glass and equipped with an intelligent management system, soilless cultivation, the Internet of things system, water and fertilizer integration, and comprehensive biological control to realize industrial tomato cultivation. Moreover, the whole process of crop management can be realized through intelligent control of watering, fertilization, and temperature. Meanwhile, Conch Smart Greenhouse relies on the waste heat steam from the cement plant's own clinker production process to provide a stable growth temperature for tomato plants, replacing the traditional temperature control method and reducing carbon dioxide emissions. Before the Chinese Spring Festival, tomatoes ushered in the first picking season, and the maximum daily picking volume can reach 1,000 kilograms.



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