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CONCH’s digital transformation

Time:13 July 2023

  Cement plants in Anhui have realized the transformation of intelligent production. Considering as the world’s largest cement clinker production base, Wuhu production base of Anhui Conch Group has equipped with driverless mining cars, each with 30 sensors to identify the difference between dust and general obstacles accurately; Various elements in the ore can be seen after it being tested, and this result can be directly fed back to the digital mining system, which can automatically issue ore allocation instructions; In the cement production line, the production of cement can achieve one-click instructions and whole-process intelligent control. That means the central control room staff can realize all aspects of cement production, such as ore crushing, ore homogenization, and ore calcination.

  The uncrewed mining car, digital mining, and intelligent operating system have been integrated into ore transportation, testing, production, and other links. So the product quality and energy consumption data are infinitely close to the optimal value.



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