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Two Anhui state-owned enterprises place on the Fortune 500 list fo... [2023-08-03]
CONCH’s digital transformation [2023-07-13]
RCEPxConch Group [2023-06-15]
RCEP boosts confidence in trade, regional cooperation [2023-06-12]
Anhui Enterprises' Footprints in Central Asia [2023-06-06]
BRI| CONCH's fruitful results in overseas development over ten yea... [2023-05-11]
Tashkent Conch’s rotary kiln achieved smooth closure [2023-04-23]
Anhui Conch Group ‘key’ to green transition and development [2023-04-11]
BRI | New Chapters on CONCH’s overseas development in Myanmar [2023-04-07]
Anhui Conch Group won the 7th China Grand Award for Industry [2023-03-20]
Anhui Conch Group —— The cement manufacturing company plants tomat... [2023-03-17]
Conch Group selected as one of the "Most Admired Chinese Companies... [2023-01-05]
Conch Group appeared at the 2022 Macau International Environmental... [2022-12-15]
Conch Cement's case selected as "Excellent ESG Practice Case of Li... [2022-12-01]
Conch Cement ranked third on the 2022 Global Building Materials Li... [2022-11-30]
Uzbekistan Karshi Conch Waste Heat Power Generation Project offici... [2022-11-24]
Conch Group selected as one of China's first "Digital Navigation" ... [2022-11-16]
Conch Group selected as a National Technology Innovation Demonstra... [2022-11-15]
Conch Cement Held Mid-term Performance Conference 2022 [2022-09-22]
Conch Group Ranked 104th on China Top 100 Enterprises List 2022 [2022-09-13]
Three consecutive “A” - Conch Cement has Obtained Grade A Evaluati... [2022-08-31]
Conch Group Ranked 353rd on Fortune Global 500 List 2022 [2022-08-11]
Conch Cement Ranked 82nd on Fortune China 500 List 2022, 27th on M... [2022-08-02]
Representatives of Conch Cement in Indonesia region participated i... [2022-06-30]
Conch Cement Ranked 374th in Forbes 2000 Global Companies [2022-05-12]
Seven Subsidiaries of Conch Group were Named "2021 National Safety... [2022-05-10]
Conch Group Model Craftsmen Deeds and Technological Innovation Ach... [2022-05-01]
Conch Group Has Made Progress in the Construction of the Industria... [2022-04-25]
Conch Group Ranked 45th on Fortune's Most Admired Chinese Companie... [2021-10-23]
Conch Cement Ranked 66th on Fortune China 500 List of 2021 and 23r... [2021-08-06]
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