Conch Group strive to become environmentally friendly, resource-saving and innovative enterprise and realize harmony and unity among enterprise, society and environment by bearing on its own shoulder to revitalize the national building material industry, insisting to take a new road to industrialization, continuously pushing forward technological innovation, transforming traditional industry, developing circular economy and actively fulfilling the corporate social responsibilty.

Build environment friendly and resource-saving enterprise

Conch Group have developed a new path in circular economy and environmental protection industry in cement industry with significant social and environmental benefit by adhering to the implementation of technological innovation, vigorously promoting cement kiln to dispose municipal waste technology, extensively applying waste heat power generation technology and actively advocating circular efficient use of resources.

Municipal Solid Waste Disposal Technology with Cement Kiln

Pioneer in developing and promoting pure low temperature WHG technology in cement industry

Conch Group have made large contribution to the development of local economic society by paying taxes in accordance with the law, with most of subsidiary as benchmarking enterprise and large taxpayer. Conch Group have also promoted the social stability by recruiting large amounts of talents in various fields through campus and social recruitment each year.

Participating in social public welfare is an important way to fulfill social responsibility for modern enterprises. During the path of the company’s development, Conch Group actively participate in various public welfare activities such as poverty alleviation, respect the elderly and love the young, assist the weak and disabled, and volunteering, dispatching management team with grassroots experience to poor areas and provide assistance. Various kinds of love outreaches of all subsidiaries have highlighted strong sense of social responsibility of Conch people and established good corporate image.

Myanmar Conch donates to Mandalay government for disaster relief      Students caring activity of Conch Merak Project in Indonesia

Pingliang Conch donates to schools                                       Fixed-point poverty alleviation                

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