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Talent strategy is an important strategy of Conch Group. Conch Group have always adhered to the concept of people-oriented and the objective of creating opportunity and realizing value for employees. During the process of high speed development, Conch Group have built up sound talent team who created the miraculous performance of high speed increase for consecutively 20 years.

Conch Group have always put talent recruitment as an important path to maintain high speed development and advantage in talent. Every year, Conch Group hire fresh graduates from key universities from all over the country and new employees provide talent supply and reserve for the high speed development of the Group. At the same time, Conch Group also recruit experienced talent with technique and management skills, who will become the main stream for the technology and management of the Group.

Young and Vigorous Staff Team

The Human Resource strategy of Conch Group closely stick to the development strategy of the Group, with the aim to attract, cultivate and bring up a large mount of international, compound and specialized high quality professionals in the next five years, with the means of integrated human resources development, base on domestic and expand global to build up competitive talent for the goal of becoming the most attractive and growing international company in global building material industry in the next five to ten years.

The pursuit of talent strategy of Conch Group is to realize employee value by various Conch culture activities, competitive benefits and compensation, multi-channel career development plan, sophisticated performance evaluation and promotion system, using excellent young talents and initiating the growing together of company value and employee value.

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To create future living space for human living and become international first-class enterprise is the goal and mission of Conch people. Conch welcome talented people to join us, grow up together and create a splendid future with great passion.

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